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How to send an item via a self-service parcel terminal LP EXPRESS?

There are two options to purchase a parcel label:
  • A label can be purchased and printed at a terminal LP EXPRESS;
  • A label can be purchased online using e-self-service at

Important! In order to successfully purchase a parcel label, the required data must be entered correctly in the terminal or e-self-service: select a service, item size and destination (select a terminal or the recipient's address) and enter the sender and recipient's data.

1. Purchase a parcel label 2. Apply a parcel label 3. Scan a parcel label 4. Place an item into a locker
  1. Touch the terminal screen and select "Siųsti siuntą" or visit the e-self-service.
  2. Select an item size and type.
  3. Enter the sender and recipient's data.
  4. Pay and print the label.
  1. Apply the parcel label in a visible and convenient location for scanning on a properly packaged item.
  1. Select "Scan the parcel label" on the screen.
  2. Scan a bar code located on the item.


  1. Once the locker is open, place your item inside.
  2. Close the door.
  3. Confirm the dispatch selecting "The item is inserted".

How to pay for shipping?

  • By bank card at a terminal LP EXPRESS.
  • Via an e-banking system offered by the most of Lithuanian banks using e-self-service at
  • Business customers can pay by received credit funds using e-self-service at or connecting at a terminal

Important! After the payment at a terminal LP EXPRESS, a parcel label is printed and the sender has to apply it on a packaged and ready for shipment item. After the payment using e-self-service at www.lpexpress, a label is formed and the sender can print it by himself or at a terminal; the label has to be applied on a packaged and ready for shipment item.

How to collect an item via self-service parcel terminal LP EXPRESS?

  • You will be informed about the received item by SMS and/or e-mail, therefore, you will know exactly where and at which terminal you can collect your consignment.

Important! You can pick up your item once you sequentially enter two PIN codes on the terminal screen that are indicated in the notice about the item received at the terminal.

1. Receive information 2. Arrive at the terminal 3. Confirm using codes 4. Collect the item
  1. Information about the delivered item will reach you by SMS and/or e-mail.
  2. Protect this information as it is a key from the box containing your consignment.
  • Arrive at your    convenience –                   LP EXPRESS operates 24/7.
  • Terminals LP EXPRESS are conveniently located.
  1. Touch the terminal screen.
  2. Select language.
  3. Select "Collect item".
  4. Enter both received PIN codes.
  1. As the door automatically opens collect your item.
  2. Do not forget to close the door.

More information – tel. 8 700 55 400 or e-mail